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Transactional Backup option disabled

I have created a new table & made few transaction which included inserts & updates, my transaction log file size is 3.8 mb & the database size is 3.3 mb. I wanted to take a full backup & a transactional backup, although iam able to take a full backup but the backup for transactional log is disabled, can any one tell me the reason for it & the solution for the same. Also i have a second doubt, just need a clarification for the same, can we take a combination of full & transactional backup only, do not want to include the differential backup, although iam sure we can but just need a final confirmation. Thanks Bhushan
Since i needed the answer for the above question very desperately i myself was able to find the answer, during the creation of the new database i mistakingly kept the "Truncate log on checkpoint" option checked (which is by default) which resulted in giving the transaction log backup disabled. Hope this information could be helpfull to other users too. Thanks Bhushan
Well you need not have a differential backup if you have all the transaction logs since last backup. But if there are huge changes in the database, which is non the case here, its advisable to have a differential backup to reduce the amount of effort spent in applying transaction logs. Gaurav
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