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transactional replication error

For one of our transactional replication server we are getting this error regularly. The process could not bulk copy into table ‘"tbl_City"’. Expected the text length in data stream for bulk copy of text, ntext, or image data.
(Source: Asteroid (Data source); Error number: 4813)
————————————————————————————————————— The scenario:
I read in a forum that if the last column is text/image then this error can come. This table gets created from the third party tool, whose schema we don’t have any control over and thus would be next to impossible to change any design. Any idea ? Thanks
With transactional replication updates made at the subscriber to replicated data with text and image data types are not supported. As long as you are not using updatable subscriptions replication and updating is supported. You may want to look at merge replication. You can find this information as well as additional information that may be of help at Dbu
you need update publication of your database for you transactional replication. and while applying ‘filter table column’ you can exclude unwanted table columns from the articles in your publication like "tbl_city" . Deepak Kumar –An eye for an eye and everyone shall be blind