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Transferring .bak file to another PC across the NW

Hi : I have a database backup .bak file on a SQL Server 2K machine. I need to transfer this file to another machine over the internet.
I was thinking of splitting the .bak file (since it’s gonna be huge ie 4MB ) and downloading the split file to the client. For this I would need something like GetRight which can resume downloads and then re-join the split files.
Is there anything equivalent to GetRight, functionality of which can be achieved through programming.
Hi ya, I’d zip up the bak file. This should reduce it to about 500KB or so depending on its content… Cheers
If you use GetRight or other third party tools to split the file, then you may lose the consistency/compatbility of the file. As suggested by Twan simply use Winzip or use FTP to export the file.
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Satya SKJ

I agree with fello peers here. Zipping the file will reduce size and then FTP can be used to transfer this. Gaurav
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