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Transforming huge data

Actually in my transformation i am transferring huge amount of data. i have been using oledb command finally to dump my incoming data to respective tables. For Example : i have two tables Table 1 , table 2 Table 1 has columns code_text unique identifier key field from table 2. table two has columns key filed(generated automatically) first name,last name etc.. from the incoming text file i look for code_text and unique identifier of table 1 if those does not exsist i insert a that record to table2 and then get the key filed of the inserted record and store in key field from table 2 column in table 1. so i just write one store procedure which will get the scope indentity of inserted record and store in into table 1.and i using oledb command to call this stored procedure. please let me know
When i use oledb command i get error because of datatype problem.incoming textfile the all cloumn datatypes are string.but in my table they are have some int datatypes too… So how do i convert incoming string to int??

Is schema between table1 and table2 similar to each other> Satya SKJ
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