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Trasactional Replication – I/O error

For SQL Server 2000 SP4 Transactional Replication
I’m using continuous transactional replication on a database with 780 tables for a total of 133GB. It is being replicated to a reporting server. Some columns on a couple of the tables needed to be increased. I’m not very savvy regarding replication. I don’t know how to make those changes without stopping replication. So, I stopped replication, deleted the subscription & removed the tables from the publication. Once the table changes were made, I added the tables back into the publication, re-pushed a subscription and started the snapshot agent. The snapshot agent kept blowing up with: I/O error while writing BCP data-file
(Source: ODBC SQL Server Driver (ODBC); Error number: 0)
I checked my snapshot location. It has 298GB free. I upped my BCPBatchSize to 500000. My QueryTimeout is 3000. MaxBCPThreads is 4. So, I have two issues:1.) What can I do to get my snapshot to run? I HAVE to have this working by Friday morning.2.) How could I have made the table changes without stopping the replication?
This sounds like a disk error where the data file is located or perhaps a disk full problem. Have a look at the disk that holds the distribution working folder to check if there’s enough space.


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