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triggering the profiler

the idea of what i am trying to accomplish is to activate the profiler to record tsql and server performance activity for the last 10 minutes of every hour during business hours. i have looked at it extensively and am looking for a user sproc to start the profiler. details of what i want the profile trace to include is just tsql and basic server performance for starters. i also want to save it to a table. i’ve created a while..if..else loop to run a "sproc" for a specific amount of time. now i need to cretae the sproc to run the profiler and recodr to a table. if anyone has code or documentation for this ( besides BOL ) it would be greatly appreciated. I am drownding in event codes right now…. =) TIA Detroit
Check this link, this might help: Jon M
Also this link by Rahul Sharma. Satya SKJ
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thanks guys. a very vast topic. these articles help.