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triggers ..? maybe..?

My guru freinds… What would be the best way to set a Boolean data type column to 0 after a period of time… say two hours. Basically, its for a web site that I am building (Classic ASP/MSSQL ). I am logging the users visit in the database as opposed to using cookies/sessions. When the user logs off the Boolean field is updated to 0 not deleted. But as we all know not all users will hit the log off button. Thus if they return to the site at a later date via their favourites or history then I need to check to see if the unique id NEWID() has been used before. richgran Do we allow thanks in advance? I was reading a forum the other day and one user felt offended by another user thanking in advance. I will sit on the fence at this stage… "…as a thief in the night…"
I think Jobs are the best way of doing it —————————————-

Cant you make use of Session Timeout property? Madhivanan Failing to plan is Planning to fail
Thanks for your help with the above suggestions. I spent a bit of time looking at both approaches and ended up utilizing the web server as opposed to using the sql server to accomplish the desired result. Thanks again for your advice… I now know what Jobs are (never new they exsisted in SQL Server)
"…as a thief in the night…"