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Un-install sql server 2005

Hi , when i un-install the sql server 2005 std editon from control panel–>add/rem programs–>sql server2005 remove, then uninstallation was done. But, i actually i had two instances. I did this for one, but when i see in start–> programs–> sql server 2005, i can see only configuration tools, nothing else.No management studio , to connect to other instance. Can anybody suggest the solutin plz. Thanks.
You might have selected in COMPONENT SELECTION window for both intance when you are unintalling through ADD/REMOVE programs… Reintall again…
Check computer management/services if there is any service if it is not uninstalled…
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Hi all, ask Actually, i selected only one instance during uninstallation and selected the shared compnents also, i think because of that, i lost all the components. But, that was my local workstation, i restore the system, i got back my server. I believe uninstalling is not as easy as installing? And can anyone suggest me , what is the easiest way to rename the Default instance ( sql server 2005).
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