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Unable to locate sqlsui.dll after apply SP3a

following problem occured: After apply SP3a the SQL Server 2000 Licensing Setup (located at the control panel)
no longer work. I get the message: Error locating DLL. Unable to locate sqlsui.dll. DLL is located on the correct place and the enviroment variables are correct. I use SQL Server 2000 Standard Edition and Windows 2000 Server.
Try already to replace the sqlsui.dll and the files depend on this file
with no success. Found nothing at MS-Knowledgebase. Any suggetions ? Thx…MipMip
Have tried to un-register and re-register the specified DLL? _________
Satya SKJ

Yes, If there are any changes to the DLL from previous version, just copying the dll may not work. First un-register the DLL using ‘regsvr32’, copy the DLL from the location where the SP3a files are extracted to and then register with ‘regsvr32’.
… and also check whether the version of the .DLL is different from SP3/SP2 to SP3a. _________
Satya SKJ

Thx for reply,
try to unregister/register the dll.
Now i get the error: Load library ("sqlsui.dll") failed.
The specified module could not be found. Brgds…MipMip

Hello again,
problem is fixed. Check with a dependency scanner the sqlsui.dll.
Found that a dll (sqdedev.dll) was missing.
After copy the dll from the sp3 directory to the SQL Binn directory all works fine. Brgds…MipMip
Glad it worked and appreciate interest in posting resolution too. _________
Satya SKJ