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Underutilised hardware

I discovered this forum and was wondering if anyone might be able to help with my problem. I hope this post is no to long. We have SQL 2000 STD on Windows 2000 STD server that will not utilise more than 50% of its CPU. The system is running database lookups against 1.5 million records using 30 threads. Some details; Performs 55,000 index searches a sec
300 Full Scans a sec
Buffer cache hit ratio 99.97%
Total server and Target server memory at 1.6 GB
No deadlocks sec = 0
Average wait time = 0 4 x CPU#%92s at average processor time of 50% each We have slowly increased threads and can not get the job to process faster or use the remaining 50% of CPU. Any ideas? David

Hi David, Are you saying that your CPUs never peak past 50% or that the average over the length of the job is no more than 50%? If the latter than are you sure that the load warrants more processing power? What is the load that you are trying to put on it? Some statements can only run on a single processor… Cheers
I don’t see any problem with the collected stats as the Buffer cache hit ratio is on higher %age.
Check as mentoned by Twan and refer the execution plan for the queries that are running in this job. Satya SKJ
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Is box SQL dedicated or are others applications working? Luis Martin
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