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Undo mistakes on SQL 2000

Hi I really need some help!! I was working with the sql 2000 but I run an update, a wrong update, so I want to undo this, but i haven’t made a check point before and also i do not have a transaction. Is there a posibility on undoing the last update i have done on the database? Thanks!!!
Not to my knoledge.
But you can take an old backup restore it to an other database: not the
one you updated and compare the tables : one from
the old db and one from db on which update was uplied.
Only way to recover is to have had backed up your database in some manner DB,TL. Also always be sure to have a back up strategy in play so wont run into this problem again.
Duplicate post. Same post, different name, in spanihs forum.
Of course, same answer than New and Lazy.
Luis Martin
Even Flo sent me email about the question and my answer is same as them.
I suggest to refer to books online document about ROLLBACK statement topic. Satya SKJ
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