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Uninstalling Sql Server 2005

Hi I realize this is a bit of a dumb question but what the hell. I have read the 2005 BOL documentation for installing 2005, there is no mention of what to do with previous Beta or CTP installations, or at least not that i could find. I know from my experience with the beta and ctp versions you had to uninstall everything related to the previous installation, and in some cases run a cleanup exe of some sort. I want to install the official 2005 release now but i was wondering if i uninstall SS2005, VS2005, Framework etc what will happen to all my integration servcies packages as well as my sql templates etc, i am worried they will be lost. I know this is unlikely but i just want to make sure, for all i know the management studio and Visual Studio Project directories are cleared out ? Just wanna be 100% before i do it ? Thanx
I remove earlier versions before installing SQL Server 2005. Anyway,SQL server 2005 will not install unless you uninstall all the previsous versions. —————————————-

Yup i am aware of this, i am wondering about the managemant studio and visual studio 2005 projects directories that contain IS packages and templtes being lost ? I am gonna back them up anyway , just wanna check ?