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Unisys ES 7000

I am wondering if anyone has had any issue with a Unisys ES7000, running SQL? The problem is when we failover from one production server to another, we only see half the CPU and half the memory. My email is [email protected] and my phone number is 604-209-3586. I will be greatful for anyone that can answer this question and you will find a find bottle of wine shipped to you if you give me the correct answer. Dwayne
which ES 7000 do you have? the Xeon verion or the Itanium?
How many processors and how much memory does each node have?
when you say you have 1/2 the memory, is that what is visible to the OS or SQL only? which version and build of Windows do you have? presumably the Datacenter edition?
for big iron, i really think W2K3 DC is preffered over W2K DC
what switches are in the boot.ini?, /PAE is probably important, consider /USERVA over /3GB
which version and build of SQL Server do you have. i assume you are aware of the SQL Server 2000 sp4 issue that applies to x86 versions? other than that, the many of problems you will see on big iron boxes but not on 4-way and below have since been fixed, so be sure to bug Unisys for the latest OS and SQL Server hotfixes,
I recall that the standard Unisys ES7000 support contract gives you free MS support access that would otherwise cost $99 per incident