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Unsuccessfull installing security patch MS03-031.

Hi there. I might just be having a blond momemt, or my brain is maybe already on holiday…. so pretty please can you’s assist. I’m trying to install the above-mentioned security patch, but I get an error with the installation. In the logfile, I see the following message: Setup failed to copy file : distmdl.ldf, Error code: 112
INSTALL FAILURE: Hotfix failed to apply the patches on instance DEV, the error code returned was: 112
<EndFunc Name=’DoSQLHotFix’ Return=’112′ GetLastError=’0′>
What is causing this, and how do I correct it? Thank you!
Hi ya, not exactly sure, but some guesses are:
– NTFS permissions on the data or log location
– disk space in those locations
– existing distmdl.ldf file with permissions/readonly not allowing sql to overwrite it perhaps a tool like System Internals ntfilmon can be of help as it would show where the hotfix is trying to put the .ldf file and whether it is an access denied error or some other error? Cheers
The Distmdl.ldf and the Distmdl.mdf files from the hotfix self-extracting archive into the <Data path for this SQL Server instance>Data folder. You may try to copy manually these 2 files distmdl.mdf and distmdl.ldf. And check this KBAhttp://support.microsoft.com/kb/815495 for necessary information on applying the hotfix. Satya SKJ
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Thanx, you’re spot-on!<br /><br />I copied them myself, and the install went through successfully!<br /><br />CiaO. <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />