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UPDATE: Google-killer SW: Self-organizing maps

Hi All Check out:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Self-organizing_map I have spent a log time now, searching the net to find out if anyone has made a t-sql implementation of SOM. Having read up on the subject I findt that it woud be most useful to perform real-time classification of heteogenious data, like text, in a database. The bookstore "safari", uses it for this purpose. Would anyone (who has already made) a SOM example in t-sql, _please_ post it here. Alternatively, if anyone found the subject equally interesting, we could form an informal group to be the first to make an open-source SOM implementation in t-sql. regs, Eventloop
"Follow the join tree" – Dan Tow
I must be a crazy person.. Am I REALLY the only one in this forum of SQL Server experts, to ever wonder about statistical analysis methods in T-SQL ?! Imagine how powerful it would be, if the a database of texts e.g. news articles, could autimatically render dynamic relationships between the data !<br /><br />Oh, wait… That is what Google does with the web. Perhaps you are all under the supression and mindcontrol of GoogleSphere, and deliberately ignoring this post, to make sure no one will compete with Google in the future … <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ /> Just kidding, and trying to spice up a dull subject, that I as the only person in the world find interesting :-D<br /><br />regs,<br /><br />Eventloop<br /><br />"Follow the join tree" – Dan Tow