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Update statistic

Hi, We have a server set up by vendor. Users databases has AutoUpdate Statistic option set to true. At the same time there is manually configured job for Updating Statistic nightly.
I am 100% sure this is misunderstanding.
But Is that possible,there might be a reason for such a setup? Thank you
I don’t see any kind of misunderstanding here, even we have couple of job which performs manual UPDATE STATISTICS on heavily used tables. And I always suggest to run UPDATE STATS intermittently in order to gain optimum performance, even though the AUTO STATS will take care of the update tasks. Satya SKJ
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As far as I understand, Auto Update statistic being hired whenever SQL Server
desides it’s time for Update Statistic. There is no guaranty that decision not going
to be made at the middle of the day, and can give performance hit.
Am I wrong? Why would we give SQL right to deside for us when is the best time to start
Statistic Update. Isn’t it better to schedule the job for it as often as we think is best,
or just let SQL to update statistic on it’s own and don’t bother Update statistic as separate configured job? Something here I don’t understand.
Found this Mircrosoft article: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/q195565/ It only proves I am right: or manual job or AutoUpdate.
Not both!