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Update Statistics Vs DBCC REINDEX

Hi, I would like to schedule some maintenance tasks on my db server. I have confusion in this. What is the difference and purpose between update statistics and dbcc reindex? If i need to schedule both, which one i need to run first and on what frequency needs to be done. Thanks,
DBCC DBREINDEX must be scheduled first and only include those tables that are modified frequently here and not all ofthem if your system needs 24/7 availablity. In addition to this intermittent UPDATE STATISTICS execution will also help to retain the performance. You should leave the AUTO_UPDATE stats option ON the database is required most performance. The difference between them is to review BOL in addition to:
http://sqlserver-qa.net/blogs/tools…r-2005-index-optimization-best-practices.aspx Satya SKJ
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Thanks Satya. It’s really useful