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Upgrade evaluation to retail version

I have evaluation version of sql2005 and need to bring this up to to fully functional
one how do I do that? We bought the product and have a records about this purchase but I guess we should get
some licensing program installed ? thank you
Upgrading from Eval Edition In an typical scenario, you would install SQL 2005 Eval edition to evaluate the features and then upgrade to the full blown versions (Standard or Enterprise Edition) for production use. For more supported upgraded paths from Evaluation Edition, refer to the Version and Edition Upgrades section at MSDN. To perform an in-place upgrade of SQL 2005 Eval edition to other SQL Server 2005 full blown editions, simply run the setup and it will identify the existing installation, and will run an upgrade check. It will then let you know if the upgrade is possible or not. If the upgrade path is supported, simply go through the setup wizard and it will automatically upgrade the already installed instance of eval edition. As with any other scenario, please make sure that you have backed up your databases, logins, SPs in MSDB etc. before attempting to upgrade. Upgrade from Eval Edition 2005 after it has expired
Now, this becomes a little tricky. You have to first uninstall SQL 2005 Eval edition and then install the full blown edition on the machine. In case you want to keep the existing databases, you can use the SAVESYSDB parameter at command prompt. For more information on this, refer to KB 914158 In case you are still running SQL 2000 Eval edition (I would doubt that J), you can refer to KB 281574 for steps on how to upgrade the same to a full blown edition of SQL 2000. http://blogs.msdn.com/sqlblog/archi…al-edtion-to-full-blow-sql-2005-editions.aspx
thank you very much – I have sql 2005 eval and it is not expired – I will upgrade to
fix the issue
Thank you once again
Hi I upgraded sql 2005 from evaluation to Enterpise and was hoping set up will ask me questions about licensing – it didn’t In control panel I don’t see SQL Server 2005 licensing setup either I just don’t wan’t any surprises when the server is in production. It is clusteriing environment – if that is matter.
Read the following…if neccessary contact MS…
Q. How does licensing work for computers that run SQL Server 2005 in failover scenarios?
A. Failover support, where servers are clustered together and set to pick up processing duties if one computer should fail, is now available in Standard and Enterprise editions of SQL Server 2005. Under each of these editions, keeping a passive server for failover purposes does not require a license as long as the passive server has the same or fewer processors than the active server (under the per processor scenario). For details on which failover methods are available under each edition, visit the SQL Server 2005 Features Comparison page. Q. If I am doing log shipping in an active/passive failover configuration, how should I license the backup server?
A. In this scenario, the passive server does not require a license, unless the passive server has more processors than the active server, and the active server is licensed under the per processor model. MohammedU.
Have you rebooted the server when it is upgraded from Evaluation to Enterprise edition? Satya SKJ
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