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Upgrade from SQL 2000 and Default Schema

I am testing the upgrade from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. I created the user logins first using sp_help_revlogin on the new SQL 2005 server. I then restored the backup of SQL 2000 DBs on the new server. During the restore, SQL upgraded the DBs as well. For each users in a database, SQL created a new schema matching the name of each user name found in the backup. So user A will have default schema = schema A; user B will have default schema = schema B, etc. This server is a back-end for website running on another server. I am about to make dbo as default schema for all users in all databases and delete new schemas created during the restore. Is that OK or not? I am afraid the new schema will confuse the codes on IIS server. Thanks for your input.
how are you accessing obejcts. is it by fully qulified names. in that case do you have objects own by that owner that you are going to delete. if so, you will have problems. if not delete that schema. —————————————-
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All objects are owned by dbo. I think I can delete the schemas. Thanks.