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UPGRADE SQL 2000 DEV to SQL 2005 Ent

Hi All, Planning a upgrade of existing SQL server 2000 sp3 Dev edition to SQL server 2005 Enterprise. Environment:
WINDOWS 2003 SP1 Server
SQL server 2000 DEV SP3
9GB Databases we are not going for side by side upgrade but would be detaching the 12 user database and install sql server 2005 enterprise. Is this good idea ? Cheers
Sat [?]
Yes, that should work. Make sure you check the compatibility level of the databases after re-attach, you’ll want them set to 90 if you want the full benefist of SQL Server 2005. Also, make sure you back everything up beforehand, including to tape.
Check this link, as it might come handy.
Link is about SQL Server 2005 Upgrade Handbook
First you should have a check of list :- (a) script to transfer login between Servers
Refer :http://support.microsoft.com/kb/246133
(b) After Migration (Attach) run DBCC DBReindex for each table. Prepare Script and keep it ready
(c) Update statistics. Keep the script ready
(d) If you have Diagrams in SQL 2000 Database you will not be able to see that after attaching.
(e) Make sure that MSDB objects are migrated.
(f) Keep the new backup plan and script ready. there may be few points i am missing…. Madhu

If you are using DTS packages some of them can’t migrate to SSIS…. So you may end up using DTS packages until you recreate them… to run the dts packages you yave to install add ins… http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/…60-a13c-4479-9b91-9e8b9d835cdc&displaylang=en
Microsoft SQL Server 2000 DTS Designer Components I believe you can script all your job in 2000 AND create them in 2005…
Mohammed U.
Thx Guys…All information u have provided are useful. Cheers