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Upgrade SQL2ksp4 to SS2005 keeps master dblevel 80

After upgrading a SQL2k sp4 to SS2005 sqlsmo shows master : Dim oDatabase As new mySQLSMO.Database ‘Get the database
oDatabase = globSMOSrv.Databases.Item("master") in VS2005 immediate window
?oDatabase.CompatibilityLevel Version80 {80} [xx(] Why is this ??? [?] What will be the effect if I change it to 90 ? [V] ?globSMOSrv.Information.VersionString
"9.00.1399.06" Now what’s the point of not having at least the system databases fully upgraded to SS2005 ?
Check: http://www.sql-server-performance.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=11545 HRH Luis Martin
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Actualy, that thread is not handling this issue.
On this dev machine, I tested the mssqlserver 2005 install pocedure with the option to upgrade an existing instance of sqlserver 2000. If you would do a thing like that with sql7 to sql2k, you’d find all stuff would be upgraded to sql2k. at user-db level still having sqk2k dblevel, i guess that would be acceptable/preferable, but at system-db level ???? On the other hand, I can implement procedures that use typical sql2005 methodes, like a CTE, whilst the dblevel is still sql2k !
So what’s the point of having this "downlevel" dblevel ?