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Upgrade to Enterprise Edition

Is it alright to move system databases from Standard edition to Enterprise edition ? I’m planning to move all my databases from a standard edition SQL Server to an Enterprise Edition SQL Server. To preserve all the database settings, jobs etc., I want to move all the data files (both user and system) to the new server. But, I don’t know if there are any system table specific changes in Enterprise edition.
If there are any, how should I proceed with this move, without doing everything from scratch ?
Donno how much this will help… http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;281574 Gaurav
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After move, don’t forget to updates statistics.
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When I’ve done this in the past, I’ve scripted out my users and jobs and saved my packages as structured files. I then apply the user script after I’ve connected all the user databases. Last, I move the jobs and packages over. I don’t like migrating system databases between different version of SQL Server if I can avoid it. MeanOldDBA
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Thank you all, I’ve compared the system tables between Standard and Enterprise and I can see some tables missing in Standard Edition. So, It IS not a good idea to move system databases between versions.
Upgrade between the editions will take care of the system tables and if you apply the latest service pack you will see difference between the table structures. Satya SKJ
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