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upgrade to SQL Server 2000

I am consider to upgrade SQL 7.0 to 2000, will use the copy database wizard to
copy the database to the target database. following is my concern: 1)Will the cop y database wizard delete the original one ? 2)how to transfer the security login or login group to the target SQL 2000 Server? I don’t
want it to delete the login or login group in the original SQL 7 server. setup the replica of SQL Server for 7.0 and let it replicate to SQL 2000 ?
or just doing an in-place upgrade ? the develper will against it if I jus t
install SQL server 2000 enterprise edition on the SQL 7.0 server, they
program will probably doesn’t work . I would like to setup a separate PC for testing purpose and install Winodws
2003 on it and then install SQL Server 2000 on it and transfer, not move
everything from any of the existing one and try they program on it . This is just a test purpose and it can make they not complaining me. please suggest an URL on this if you can. Regards,

Hi ya, Database Copy Wizard will not delete the original database, and I’m fairly certain that you can tell it to bring across logins, if not then you can script those out using Enterprise manager and run the resulting script on your target server Cheers
True and you can refer thishttp://www.sqlteam.com/item.asp?ItemID=9066 link for upgrading the databases. And this KBAhttp://support.microsoft.com/defaul…port/kb/articles/Q246/1/33.ASP&NoWebContent=1 to move logins alongwith passwords etc. (In future kindly post question in relevant forum only) Satya SKJ
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