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Upgrading powervault disks

We are running low on disc space and don’t have enough space to do backups at the moment. Our current configuration is this: Local
C:OS 4 * 36GB130GB Powervault
E:SQL databases6 * 36GB170GB
F:Indexes 3 * 36GB67GB
G:User data4 * 36GB100GB
1 * 36GB Hot spare Our databases are 100GB and as you can see there is not a drive with enough space to do a backup – well you need double as SQL does not purge the previous days backup until the new one has completed. I am proposing this…. (user data on ‘G’ is going to be moved to another server) Local
C:OS 4 * 36GB (RAID 5) 130GB Powervault
E:SQL databases 4 * 74GB (RAID 5)222GB
F:Indexes/Transaction logs4 * 36GB (RAID 5)100GB
G:Backups 5 * 74GB (RAID 5)288GB
1 * 74GB Hot spare As cost is a consideration I am keeping 4 of the 36GB disks for the indexes (currently 30GB) and transaction logs. Is there another way I can do my backups without having to have such a large (and costly) array?
I think my boss will have a heart attack at the cost of doing this – but not my fault that previous person did not plan properly….lol I assume that to upgrade the disks I can move databases etc to other drives as I upgrade each array – or does SQL get funny about doing this and cause me problems?

By any chance can you shrink the Tlog and database or archive the rows from the database to keepup the size. _________
Satya SKJ

quote:Originally posted by satya
By any chance can you shrink the Tlog and database or archive the rows from the database to keepup the size. _________
Satya SKJ

I did try to shrink some databases as they had free space but they just gre again – I think this is because ‘auto grow’ is on. One db is 50GB and set to auto-grow by 10%!!! I want to disable this at some point and grow by MB instead. Archive rows? How and what would I archive and where to? Sorry but this is something I have never done before! Perhaps before going down the route of upgrading disks I should look to optimise things a bit and make sure we really need all this space….
If the database growth is radical then keep the current settings as it is, otherwise database might be down with low space errors. If you’re sure that the growth won’t be no more than 5% in a week then assess the size and set to the database which may be sufficient for a month, for instance. Archive rows, I mean to say move out those tables/table rows which are mainly used for query purpose other than updations such as Audit data. Now only option would be to upgrade the disks with higer spec and do have regular DBCC maintenance checks on database to keep up the performance. Once this is finished you can move the databases to the higher space drives. _________
Satya SKJ