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Urgent about restoring database

Hello, I made a terrible mistake. I was importing stored procedures from one mssql server to another and it wiped out all the information in the tables they affected. The people tell me that the DataBase hasn’t been backed up ever. Is there anyway to recover the data or I’m in a big trouble?
Unfortunally I suppose you are in big trouble.
At this time may be is not important, but why "The people who tell you" nerver did backup?.
Luis Martin
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Absolutely and only one chance is to deploy the third party tool to read the Transction log and undo the transactions at that point of time to remove the referred SPs. Refer to the Tools pane on the top for more information on reading transaction log using Log explorer or log navigator. Satya SKJ
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yes log explorer will be good tool that you can use
download evalution version from http://www.lumigent.com/downloads/