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Urgent Error

Im Running SQL Server 2000, on a windows server os.
As of recent, I can not select my database from the tree from query analyzer or any other tool for that matter. Whenever I go to select any database in the system the computer locks up. I have restarted my machine and the server and still I have the problem, I dont know what to do with this situation.
Check Event Viewer for errors.
Luis Martin
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If I understand this correctly, your system has been working successfully in the past, but now all of a sudden you can’t access any databases, even though you can see them with your SQL Server tools? If this is correct, first of all, I must ask, what has changed? I have not seen this problem before, but if you can’t find a solution, the only option will be to rebuild your server, from the OS on up through SQL Server. I hope you have current backups, or if you don’t, you might be able to use the mdfs and ldfs and reattach them to a new installation of SQL Server. —————————–
Brad M. McGehee, MVP
Yeah I just completely rebuilt the server. No it was wierd I couldent see the DB in the EM dropdown, when I tried to use anything to access it it would freeze. But its working again now. Thanks for the options guys
Ensure service pack has been applied between server and client tools also, sometimes due to mismatch of MDAC tools and .DLL files will have this affect. Also ensure Database AUTO_CLOSE option is not enabled on the databases. Satya SKJ
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yeah! as satya said the problem may be due to mismatch of MDAC tools…Ensure the current version of MDAC tools ( MDAC 2.8 ) has been applied. krishna chaitanya.s
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Thanks again guys for some more info.
Applying service packs for client tools also fixes most of the problems, as it is general ignorance for every one to not applying service pack to clients tools too. Satya SKJ
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