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urgent help needed on log shipping in 2005!!

well i am trying to set up log shipping. on my primary server i have a database "test" and i have 10 data files assigned to it which are in different drives and different path, same way 5 log files which are in different drives and different path as well now when i enable log shipping and add secondary server there on the initialize secondary database i select the option yes generate a full backup of primary db and restore it on secondary db(create if secondary db does not exist) and there in restore options how can i specify the locations of all the data files and log files there??
second question let us say if i do create the database on secondary server first in identical manner as on primary server and i click on no, the secondary db is initialized then i donot see log shipping starting. it does take backups on primary but is not able to copy the files on secondary server and also does not restore the backups. also if i donot create the db and tell studio to take full backup on primary and create the db on secondary server for me then it creates the db and starts log shipping but it creates all the files in one folder on one drive which i donot want as i want the db on secondary server to be identical as on primary.
i need the inputs very urgently so pls help me out here asap. i appreciate all your help in advance.
thank you very much.

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