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URGENT !! How to clean up my transaction log ??

Hi there, I am encountering a production problem. SQL 2000 SP3a. Two of my databases’s log were grown to 4GB each and now the drive is having only 100MB free space. I tried dumping the log with no_log and it doesn’t seem to work. Is there any way to clean up the space apart from re-booting the server ?? Thanks & regards,

Run DBCC SHRINKFILE in order to shrink the transaction log file to save the space.
Refer to books online for Error 9002 topic:

The user action that is appropriate to you depends on your situation. Potentially, possible actions
include: Backing up the transaction log
Freeing disk space
Moving the log file to a disk drive with sufficient space
Adding or enlarging a log file
Satya SKJ
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What kind of Recovery Plan are you using for your databases?
This setting is important when it comes to disk space usage, as it can grow endlessly …

If you’re a little bit crazy, you can
detach the db in question
rename or delete the log file
attach the db in question
ignore the error message
That should create a new and fresh log though one might consider it a brute-force-method.
Always!!! be sure, you have a current backup at hand.

I don’t think reboot the system fix the problem.
What recovery plan do you have and how backup your databases?
Luis Martin
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