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Urgent Rep Question

I am very new to Replication and I do have some urgent questions on Replication.. I am supporting an environment where we have a Merge Replicaiton to two other server. Lets say A is Publisher and B and C are Subscribers 1. How would I turn off one subscription, lets Say "C". I want replication to B to be running and I want to turn off replication to C for some time. (this is a two way, so when I say turn off Iwant both the ways to C or from C to be turned off) 2. How would I turn off both the Subsctiptions? Subscription to B and C. for question 2 can I turn off SQL Server Agent on A, B and C. Will this stop all replications until SQL Server Agent is started. Please provide me step by step instructions to do this.
Can’t you disable to merge agent job of the subscription which you need to diable? MohammedU.
There are a couple of options: 1. Stop the merge agent from the enterprise manager. This allows you to stop one or the other.
2. Stop the SQL Server agent on the server, which will completely stop the replication. But, if the server is rebooted the agent is probably set to auto-start, so you would either need to mark the agent service as not auto-start, or just stop it upon re-boot.