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Usage Based Optimization – problem

Hi everyone I’m trying to set my aggregations through the usage based optimization tool on sql server 2000 I have about 25 users active using my viewer (panorama) and when i’m trying to filter my data on the first step of the Usage Based Optimization wizard i get no result can anybody tell my howcome no statistics is shown?????????? thanks………

Any error or warning during this behaviour? Satya SKJ
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Please go through this series of articles describing about Usage based optimisation tool in AS2000

i just get empty results, as if no queries were logged
Have you enabled the query logging for analysis server?
Do u mean checking the "log queries sent to server" checkbox in the analysis server properties under the logging tab, bcz its checked
yes, i just wanted to confirm that.
Anyways, can you also confirm whether the cube on which you are running usage based optimisation is processed or not by browsing data.
If it is not processed then optimisation will not work.
Also which option have you selected in usage based screen to filter the queries.
the cube is processed and i picked queries that took longer than 0 seconds without restricting the users so i should get a lot of results
Well i dont see anything wrong so far.
Try selecting the option of queries executed more than 0 times.
also i assume you must have restarted the AS service after enabling the option of Logging Queries sent to server.