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usage of NO_truncate clause

I am inserch to understand the concept of NO_TRUNCATE option.I read in one article that, if our DB get crash then..
"Execute the BACKUP LOG statement using the NO_TRUNCATE clause to back up the currently active transaction log."
*so it wil backup inactive portion of transactional log also, right?
*so whts the impact if we are not specifyin NO_TRUNCATE option.
AFAIK, you might not be able to restore to the point of failure, when you don’t specify NO TRUNCATE. ———————–

Its not clear for me.Please ans my two questions . tnx in advance Rajiv
BOL explains:

The NO_TRUNCATE clause to back up the transaction log without truncating the inactive part of the transaction log.
This clause allows the active part of the transaction log to be backed up even if the database is inaccessible, provided that the transaction log file(s) is accessible and undamaged.
Satya SKJ
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