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User Form caused all null entries

Hi – I’m running a simple ASP application where users input form data and submit – then it posts into the SQL table. Table is then output on a series of web pages.
Working just fine, till today, when someone e-mailed saying they couldn’t see the items they had added. I checked the database and it showed that their entries were there as new records, but every field was NULL. I have no idea how that happened – because the form itself requires that the fields be completed before they can submit.
Now – that being said – I was in working on the database this afternoon, doing some deletes of old data, and a couple of exports. Is it possible that this problem was caused because they were trying to add new records at the same time I was doing this? Thanks…DD
Can’t say what caused for this issue, but running PROFILER for the next time will give your information required. Satya SKJ
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their entries were there as new records, but every field was NULL.

If every field was NULL, how is it possible to tell if these are really the entries made by the particular user? Do some reconstructive investigation:
-Starting from the UI (the Form) enter the same data. Same problem?
-Does the form validation routine work for all conceivable test cases?
-Any reason why ALL fields would be set(designed) to allow NULL data?
-Try deleting and exporting again. Same problem? Check the routines(code/scripts) you are using for the above operations Nathan H.O.