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User Options – configuration settings

Hi all, 1. I have executed sp_configure ‘user options’ , 2 which sets implicit_transactions on.
2. After Reconfigure execution, If i execute sp_configure ‘user options’, both Configure and running values are shown as 2.
3.After that i created new login and granted access to test database. But if connect thru ‘isqlw’ or ‘osql’ the default mode is set to autocommit.
what might be the problem? i want all the connections to be in implicit mode… Help is needed. Thanx in anticipation Senthil Ps.

After connecting via ISQW or OSQL run SET and SP_CONFIGURE and produce the results here. Satya SKJ
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I have executed following steps after connecting to isqlw… 1. sp_configure ‘user options’ , 2
2. reconfigure Command completed successfully. 3. sp_configure ‘user options’ user options03276722 4. dbcc useroptions textsize 64512
language us_english
dateformat mdy
datefirst 7
quoted_identifier SET
arithabort SET
ansi_null_dflt_on SET
ansi_defaults SET
ansi_warnings SET
ansi_padding SET
ansi_nulls SET
dbcc returns same value for new connections too… If client setting overwrites server settings, there is no use of ‘User Options’ at all.
Is there any way where i can prevent client settings from overwriting server configuration
setting… in this case ‘User Options’ Help me in this regard.