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Users in tempdb

I use the tempdb in a stored procedure but i am having some problems with it because every so often (every 8 weeks or so) it seems to reset the user list and so some of the users are unable to run the stored procedure. Does the tempdb reset itself then? Is there a way to add users to the user list after the database has ‘reset’ itself? Thanks
How often you restart SQL server services?
If so prepare set of SQL statements to add these users and whenever SQL services restarted run this script to add those users. Satya SKJ
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alternatively you should be able to add the users to the model database, which is what gets copied over top of tempdb everytime the SQLServer service is started Cheers
I’m confused. WHY would you give users access to tempdb like this? Doesn’t this bother anyone????? MeanOldDBA
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