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Users/Logins for Contained databases in SQL Server Denali

Hii ,
I have been reading about contained databases on MSDN and I read on Aaron Bertands blog that you can connect to contained database by creating a user in that database without mapping it to a login. So my question is mapping between users and logins is seperated only for contained databases in SQL Server Denali
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As reference on BOL reveals:
  1. Users based on logins in the master database can be granted access to a contained database, but that would create a dependency on the SQL Server instance, so creating users based on logins is not recommended.
  2. Database Movement

    One of the problems facing the existing database model is data being left behind when an application is moved from one instance to another. Some data connected with an application, (for example, login information and agent job information) is currently stored within the instance instead of in the database. When you move a non-contained database application from one instance to another instance of SQL Server, this data is left behind. Then you must identify the data left behind and move it with your application to the new instance of SQL Server. This process can be time consuming and difficult.
    The contained database, keeps all necessary information and objects in the database, for example, tables, functions, constraints, and schemas, types. It also stores all application-level objects in the database, including logins, application-level agent jobs, persisted error messages, linked server information, and system settings


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