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using RAISERROR sev 16

i am wondering about the behvaiour of SQL Server in different conditions using RAISERROR. i am using RAISERROR (msg, 16,1) at the beginning of a stored proc. In query analyzer, if the error is raised, the msg is output and the sp continues on. In a job however, when the error is raised, the job fails immediately without continuing on. Why does it do this? thx in advance
A severity of 16 produces a warning message in the event log. If its an informational message SQL tasks will be carried further and its a warning I think SQL stops the job functioning.
Can you post the TSQL used at your end. Satya SKJ
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basically its something like this.. @p is a parameter to a SP if @p not in (‘a’,’b’,’c’)
raiserror (‘failed’,16,1) with log BACKUP DATABASE…