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using the same SP to requery few tiems

i am using this code :
set cm_getAcc = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command")
cm_getAcc.ActiveConnection = Application("conn1")
cm_getAcc.CommandType = &H0004
cm_getAcc.CommandText = "sp_GetAcc"
and what i wantto do is loop and on every loop to do :
cm_getAcc.Parameters("@ID") = "number i get from some array"
cm_getAcc.Execute is there a problem using the same object the requery the same SP but with a diffrent value
each time?
thnaks i nadvance

I don’t think so as long as the results are fetched correctly and make sure performance is not affected, try to recompile if there is a change in data volume and stored procedue code. Satya SKJ
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what do u mean by "recompile"?>