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Varchar Field Length

Hello! This is Zeeshan Ahmed from itHighway Technologies. I have a question regarding the length of field. The maximum length of Varchar field is 8000. However I need a field that has unlimited field length or can store upto 20000 alphanumeric characters.
Any Idea..
Any Help….
Will be greatly appriciated.. Thank you,
Zeeshan Ahmed
Take a look at the TEXT data type in Books Online. Steve
Do you have a URL for books online?
Hi ya, Books Online is part of SQLServer, so it will be on your Start Menu, Programs, Microsoft SQL Server, Books Online There is a version up on the ms site I think, I’ll just search the web for you, search in Google for sql server books online and you get Cheers
Have a look here for BLOB datatypes in SQL Server. You’ll find there a neutral discussion of do’s and don’ts. Read this and decide if that is your way to go. ———————–