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VB Front End Time Out Expired

I have created a VB 6.0 front end to a MS SQL Server that looks at records with a disconected recordset. When the user wants to edit a record the front end makes a new pessemistic connection, creates a one record recordset, begins a transaction, and does a quick update to lock the one record in question. This locks the record just fine except that when another user tries to access the same record I get a "Time Out Expired" error. I can trap for this error easily, but the problem is that it takes sometimes 30 seconds for this error to appear which is unacceptable. Is there a way in code to shorten this time or a way to shorten this timeout by changing settings on the MS SQL server? Thanks
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There is a command timeout property on the ado connnection object, this is what you need to set. The default is 30 seconds.
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