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Verify the integrity on the backup completion

We backup database ,restore it to different server and then check the integrity to avoid overhead .
However "Verify the integrity on the backup completion" option is on.
Isn’t that meen that we actually check integrity on production and then additionally on development?

Not neccesary, may be in one server is on and another is off. You can change options anytime.
Luis Martin
I guess I didn’t ask question clearly.
On production server option "Verify the integrity on the backup completion"
is turned on. Is that meen that we actually checking integrity of the database everytime we backup?
I gess yes. This is from BOL: Verify the integrity of the backup on completion of the backup Check that the backup set is complete and all volumes are accessible by executing the RESTORE VERIFYONLY Transact-SQL statement. Luis Martin
Let’s me put it this way: Is Integrity check for Data maintanence Plan and Verify the integrity on the backup compleation doing the same thing?
look what i found:that meen that verify and integrity are different thinds Although not required, verifying a backup checks that the backup is intact physically, and that you can rely on your backup in the event you need to use it. Verifying a backup involves: Checking the backup set to ensure that all files have been written.
Checking to ensure that the files in the backup are readable.
Verifying a backup does not check that the structure of the data contained within the backup set is correct. For example, although the backup set may have been written correctly, it may be possible for some type of database integrity problem to be present within the database files that comprise the backup set. To verify the structure of the data before creating a backup, you can perform database consistency checks. For more information about running database consistency checks, see

Sorry New, I missunderstand your original question.
Integrity check for Data Maintanance Plan is different than Verify backup.
What you found about Verify is Ok. This is what I find about Integrity Check: Check database integrity Check the allocation and structural integrity of user and system tables, and indexes in the database, by running the DBCC CHECKDB Transact-SQL statement. This ensures that any integrity problems with the database are reported, thereby allowing them to be addressed later by a system administrator or database owner. Luis Martin
In my experience on the production system do not enable the option "Verify the integrity on the backup completion" because resource of time taken will be bit high if the system is 24/7 OLTP application. As you’ve got information about those 2 options, nothing to comment. Satya SKJ
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