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Version Tracking for stored procs

I would like to somehow start using sourcesafe to maintain version tracking of stored procedures. Does anyone else do this? Can you recommend any tools which might help (I can write my own if required, the difficulty will be in making sure we always remember to use the tool and not make adhoc changes to procs via query analyser – this will be difficult to enforce I think) Any comments welcome Thanks
SQL Server MVP Bill Wunder has a widely used utility developed which is hosted on I haven’t used it myself, however I have read about it in other threads and it’s free. Might be worth a try. ———————–

We use mostly PVCS at our end for the version tracking and recently VSS deployed on other areas and seems working fine. Satya SKJ
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Here’s the link: ———————–

Many thanks Frank, looks very useful <img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />