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Visual Studio part of SQL Server 2005?

Hello All,<br /><br />When I install SQL Server 2005, it installs also Visual Studio premium and .NET, these were not installed as part of SQL Server 2000. Can I remove Visual Studio and .NET applications? What is Visual Studio and .NET being used for? I did a search on the net could not find any answer to this question.<br /><br />Thanks in Advance[<img src=’/community/emoticons/emotion-1.gif’ alt=’:)‘ />]<br /><br />Thanks!
do not remove this. This is part of SQL Server 2005. Intergration Service, analysis service and report service need this —————————————-
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What version of SQL 2005 are you installing? Express? An MSDN CD/DVD? You need .NET to run any version of SQL it is the programming enviroment with necessary components. .NET ver 2 should be part of the install (needs to be installed first), and you can upgrade to .NET 3 through MS Update. Visual Studio is not necessary, but it is handy if you are going to be going any programming in non-TSQL, such as C#, or VB. Visual Studio is Microsoft’s main programming application, you can download a lite version from MS seperately, or there are various lite version options available from MS that are bundled in the download when you download SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. You want to download MS Books Online for SQL Server 2005 (BOL) from MS as well, it is your first resource for MS information on T-SQL commands, SQL features, etc. It is a free download.
I am using SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition. So I can remove Visual Studio with out effecting SQL Server? I really don’t need it for my production environment since there will not be any development. My first reply to my question, suggested that I don’t remove visual studio since it is being used by Intergration Service, analysis service and report service. More confused??? Thanks!
With SQL Enterprise 2005 you have SQL Server Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio (Reporting). They use some Visual Studio components, but they are not a full featured programming application like Visual Studio. I am not sure whether you are refering to installing Visual Studio in your installation or Visual Studio components (which are used by SSMS and BI). Bottom line you can remove "Visual Studio" and see what happens if SQL dosen’t start up or SSMS or BI complains you probably just pooched your SQL 2005 install and you need to reinstall components or reinstall SQL 2005. Personally I would just leave "Visual Studio" on the server. I would also verify you had a version of the Visual Studio programming application (even a lite version) on the Server. You probably will at some point have to incorporate a SPROC or UDF that has VB or C# in it that you might have to play around with. Visual Studio doesn’t consitute a large security risk or take up very many resources IMO – it is just handy. If you type in "SQL Server Management Studio and Business Intelligence Development Studio" into SQL 2005 BOL you can get an overview of both.
Hope you got relevant information from CG2000, IMHO if you need to build or modify any SSIS related projects or BI related functions then leave them as it is, if not you can disable such services to avoid any startup that are not used. Satya SKJ
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