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W2K3 and SQL2K EE

A quick overview, we are running SQL2K EE on a three node W2K3 Cluster (a fourth node to be added in 3 months). Each node has the following: 4 – 550 MHz Xeon Processors
4 GB Ram (SQLServer is using about 1.7 GB)
8 GB System Partition
70 GB SAN Connection for databases
2 – 10/100 Intel NIC (one for Cluster Communication, one for Public) SQL is installed as a default instance. In addition, no special optimization has been done to either W2K3 or SQL2K.
Here is the problem, we have been transfering databases from our old SQL 7.0 server without any incidents. However, we transfered on database from a named instance of SQL2K from another server (Similar HW as above but with 750 MHz processors). The users of this database almost immeditalty started complaining that queries/access is slow. We ran a test from our office and found that the same query run back to back will run for about 2 minutes the first time, and about 6 minutes the second time. I ran some peformance monitor and the total processors averaged about 75% to 80%, Page Faults were around 3,000. However Pages/sec and Page Reads/sec were less than 100. One last piece of information, the SQL Server that this database was moved from had less than 100 users connected to it. The current server has over 500 users connected.
Our DBAs claim that the server is the problem, I claim that the database, SP and/or indexing may be the problem. They may be correct, but I do want to make sure that the server is running good. What advise can you give me? Thanks in advance
On the right track how about reindexing and updating stats on database when you moved to new h/w?
You can track the process using PROFILER for those slow running queries and take help of PERFMON to see the counters usage. HTH Satya SKJ
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