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want to restore backup to a different database

Is this as easy as right clicking on the database I want the backup restored to, clicking restore, and then changing the ‘show backups of database’ to the database I want to restore from? I imagine that I would also need to check the force restore button. Anything else or is it as simple as that?
I think its possible using WITH MOVE option with RESTORE statement, its better you will understand using TSQL for these kind of operations as stated in the books online. HTH Satya SKJ
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You do have to check the force restore button and make sure all the connections are killed. Use this script instead. EM is a resource hog when you do things like this from there. USE master
— First determine the number and names of the files in the backup.
— MyNwind_2 is the name of the backup device.
FROM MyNwind_2
— Restore the files for MyNwind2_Test.
FROM MyNwind_2
MOVE ‘MyNwind2_data’ TO ‘D:MyDataMyNwind2_Test_data.mdf’,
MOVE ‘MyNwind2_log’ TO ‘D:MyDataMyNwind2_Test_log.ldf’
Derrick Leggett