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Weird Perfmon readings…..damn

This has me stumped and I thought someone could shed some light : We have server with 2GB RAM installed. SQL is configured to use all of the 2GB From Perfmon we get :
CPU is 0.4 %
Cache Hit Ratio is 47%
Total server memory is 210 MB
Target Server memory is 1500 MB From Task Manager we get :
Total Physical Memory is 2000 MB
Available Physical Memory is 1350 MB
Commit charge total is 483 MB
The sqlservr.exe process shows 239.5 MB used ( other processes use another 200 MB ) Why such screwy readings? Nothing really lines up……… By the way, when I installed SQL the SQL Perfmon counters didn#%92t show up so I had to manually register them then they worked. thanks
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