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In the enterprise, Windows Vista is yet to gain a foothold. Many customers are reluctant to install Vista for various reasons and as a result they are still running Windows XP. Microsoft staunchly recommends that when patches are released, such as XP Service Pack 3, that they should be installed sooner rather than later. This is where the fun starts. In the past if a setup process detected an older or new version of the same file it would prompt allowing you to choose whether the file should be replaced or not. With the release of XP Service Pack 3, the individual MSXML6 files were bundled with the release and added as Windows Protected Files. Hence, when you attempt to install SQL Server 2005 or 2008 or even potentially a SQL Server update, the install is unable to update the MSXML files causing the install to fail. More details on this issue can be found at Connect Item #361660.
It appears that there are two issues here, the SQL Server team created setup packages that can’t bypass a newer version of a file that already exists on the target system and the Windows team failed to communicate the changes to the MSXML files. However, this does little to appease the fact that there are many people scratching their heads trying to work out why they can’t install SQL Server on Windows XP Service Pack 3. I am not sure if Microsoft is learning from the mistakes of the past or simply just coming up with new ways to make the same mistakes.
– Peter Ward

Hi, This is very good comment for Microsoft development team. Instead of rectifying the mistake they are creating new versions of the software. People who are using their product must comeup and speak about it. we are doing it. this must reach all the dba’s because they are eventual suffering for their mistakes.

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