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What happend – moving file to filegroup

What happend ? Have a large (23GB) table with a text column; on test server I dropped all constraints/indexes, then moved to new filegroup by creating clustered index. Sp_spaceused reported modest space savings, (18GB), filegroup size 20GB, 90% used. In production, I moved a few million rows to a new table (no constraints/indexes). sp_spaceused 10GB. Then created clustered index on new filegroup. Sp_spaceused
remains 10GB, but filegroup is only 1GB. (99% used) Did it move the data but not the text pages ? SQL reports the data/clustered index is in new filegroup, but sp_spaceused does not compute! What happened – where is the data/text ? How can I tell ? Insight Much Appreciated -Ed
Did you check if there is any statistics. Statistics don’t use space but if there is any, you have to delete those statistics before delete filegroup.
Luis Martin
And also run SP_SPACEUSED @UPDATEUSAGE=’TRUE’ to get upto date values.
For information review this linkhttp://www.sqljunkies.com/Article/B9F7F302-964A-4825-9246-6143A8681900.scuk Satya SKJ
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