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What is sysproperties for?

I am new to SQL Server and have found something I find a little bazaar. I have an Oracle background and no SQL Server training, so I’m hoping someone can explain. I have a SQL instance with 3 dbs in it that were created. Two were done using the Upsizing Wizard from MS Access. The third was created in EM and then the tables were all imported from Access using Import Utility. I wrote a little script that uses sysobjects and sysproperties to find the RECORDCOUNT for each table. Yesterday I ran that script against db #3 and it worked fine. Today I can run it still against dbs 1 and 2 but in db#3 the sysproperties table is empty.
Why is the data still there from the other 2 dbs but not #3? Are the values in sysproperties kept current for those dbs that still have the data in that table – so if my record count changes in a table will that change be reflected in the value of RecordCount in sysproperties for that table? I can’t find anything in the BOL on sysproperties at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Ultimately I am trying to run a report of each table and the current record count after an import without having to visit each table individually. thanks for your help
Luis Martin
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