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What is the file name Master$4IDR.ldf?

I have restart my sql server and check the error log
there is the master$4IDR.ldf,MODEL$4IDR.ldf,msdb$4IDR
appear beside my master,model,msdb. Have no ideas why
it doing that but there no problem so far
just want to known why these files show up there?
any one have any idea?
Thanks a lot
These appear to be the transaction log files for the three databases (or rather, maybe they were the old transaction logs, the $4IDR is a bit odd). Do you have a master.ldf, model.ldf also ?
What happened before you restarted the server, you say you checked the error log as if some event happened which caused you to restart
Hiya, The files master$IDR.ldf would be from Veritas Backup Exec, this link shows you how to use them to restore your DB. When starting the MSSQL$BKUPEXEC service after a successful restore with Intelligent Disaster Recovery, using a backup that was done with Intelligent Image Option, the service fails to start.

Ensure SQL has been started properly by referring to SQL error log and review information from Veritas site to toubleshoot these issues. Satya SKJ
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