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What is the TCP port for MS SQL Server?

The listening TCP port for Oracle is 1521, for Sybase is 4200. Any idea what is the TCP port for SQL Server?
Default instances of SQL Server use TCP port 1433 by default. Luis Martin
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SQL server Listen TCP client requests on Port:1433 which is default.
You can see the detail in Client Network Utility option. Thanks and Regards
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SQL Server is a Winsock application that communicates over TCP/IP using the sockets network library. The SQL Server listens for incoming connections on a particular port; the default port for SQL Server is 1433. The port doesn’t need to be 1433, but 1433 is the official Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) socket number for SQL Server. One of the MSDN document refers
When the client establishes a TCP/IP connection, a three-way handshake is done. The client opens a source port and sends traffic to a destination port, which by default is 1433. The client source port in use is random, but is greater than 1024. By default, when an application requests a socket from the system for an outbound call, a port between the values of 1024 and 5000 is supplied.
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